WordPress customizer:

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What is WordPress customizer? Simply said, it’s an original WordPress tool that allows you to modify certain aspects of your WordPress theme without coding knowledge. By using WordPress theme customizer, you can easily change the look of your website.

How to work with WordPress Customizer?

Build visually – make real time changes

Customize your web design visually. WordPress Customizer lets you make changes that you can preview in real-time. Depending on your theme and active WordPress plugins, there are many things you can customize, for example:

  • Logo and site title
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Menus
  • Widgets
  • Header and Footer of your website

How to access WordPress Customizer?

WordPress Customizer is available to everyone. You can access the Customizer after login into the WordPress admin environment. There’s no need to install anything because it’s an integral part of WordPress itself. However, there are many customization plugins out there which are adding more options to your Customizer.

So how do you open the WordPress theme customizer?

1. Login to your wp-admin, then navigate to Appearance -> Customize within your WordPress dashboard.

How to open WordPress Customizer


2. Preview your website while logged in to wp-admin. Click Customize in the top row bar.

How to access WordPress customizer from your homepage

Citadela Pro WordPress customization plugin

WordPress customization plugins, as mentioned before, add more options and settings into your WordPress customizer. Citadela Pro plugin is one of such plugins. Using Citadela Pro plugin you can modify Citadela WordPress theme and create a perfectly unique website every time.

Premium WordPress Customization plugin vs. Free WordPress theme

Feel good about your website

Simple changes, such as personalized colors and fonts, can lead to a significant difference in the appearance of your website. Make sure your site is designed to meet your preferences and that you feel good about your website when you’re finished customizing it.

Citadela Pro Plugin unique functionalities

  • Colors of your choice
  • Easy typography
  • Stylish header
  • Homepage Image with a Color overlay
  • Announcements bar

You can try Citadela PRO plugin at any time. With 30 days money-back guarantee, it’s absolutely risk-free!

What can I do in WordPress Customizer?

Let’s have a closer look at how to work with WordPress Customizer. Following the sidebar on your left-hand side when in Customizer, you can make various changes to your website appearance. Also, you can preview all changes in real-time, before publishing them.

Site identity

First thing you come across in customizer is Site Identity. As the title suggests, this section will help you define your website. It’s extremely important not only from the web design point of view but from every other aspect too. This is because it tells your web visitors who you are and what you do, imprints the first impression and strengthens branding.

Site identity

Site identity covers 4 crucial elements of your website:

  • Logo

WordPress Customizer > Site identity > Select Logo is how to add logo to WordPress website. Make sure your logo is high quality and right dimensions, with regards to your chosen theme and home page layout.

  • Site Title

Site Title is usually the name of your company. If the name is already clear from your Logo, you can use the site title field to emphasize your short branding message.

  • Tagline

Fill in the tagline to clarify the purpose of your website. Alternatively, leave this line blanc – less is sometimes more, especially when you’re aiming for airy web design.

  • Site Icon

Site Icon or Favicon is another branding detail that matters a lot. Make sure to use it. Upload your favicon by clicking “Select site icon” button.

Click Publish when you’re done filling out your Site identity. Or, alternatively, you can click ⚙ (the gear icon) next to the publish button for more options, such as Save Draft or Schedule.

WordPress customizer publishing options

General Layout

General Layout section of the WordPress Customizer offers multiple predefined designs. You can change the way homepage elements are arranged with a single click, and see how it fits your specific site. General Layout lets you switch between different Theme layouts and Header layouts (e.g. center or classic).

WordPress customizer General Layout
WordPress customizer General Layout options and settings

General Layout section is added by Citadela PRO plugin for WordPress. It is not included in Citadela Free WordPress Theme.


If you’re looking for more customization options that will allow you to create unique website tailor made to fit your branding colors and style, Appearance section is what you need. There are 3 key parts that are super easy to set up and will make a significant difference to the final look of your website.

Appearance in WordPress Customizer

Header Background

Use an image as a background for your header. Simply click on Header Background under Appearance in the menu and then click “Select image.” You can choose an image from your media library or upload a new one from your computer.

WordPress customizer Header image settings

There are more options to choose from, try them out and decide which one is the best for your website:

  • Header image repeat
  • Size of your Header image
  • Header image position
  • Fixed background image

Special tip: Is your site responsive? See how your website looks on screens of different sizes! On the bottom of your right hand side menu, there are 3 icons of desktop, tablet and mobile screen. Click and see how different settings appear on each different screen.

How to check if website is responsive

Colors on your WordPress website

How to change website colors in WordPress Customizer? Navigate to: Customizing > Appearance > Colors. There are four colors for you to pick:

  • Decoration Color
  • Header Color
  • Page Color
  • Footer Color

Each of these colors can be set using unlimited Color Picker or defined as HEX value. HEX value input will come in handy if you’re aiming to match your branding color with your website colors.

Changing website colors in WordPress customizer

Color section of WordPress Customizer offers one more very interesting setting: Header Color Overlay.

Website header color overlay

In case you’ve used image as a header of your website, here you can set the color overlay for this image. It certainly adds special glance to your site and reduces the need for professional designer of your homepage image.


How to change the font on your WordPress website? WordPress customizer offers very simple answer to this question. Navigate to: Customizing > Appearance > Typography and pick fonts you’d like to use:

  • Text font
  • Title font
How to change font in WordPress Customizer?

In general, it is not recommended to use more than 2 different fonts on a single website. Following this rule improves readability and nicely contributes to a neat website design.

Citadela PRO plugin offers you the full selection of Google Fonts for the typography of your website, so you don’t need to worry that you won’t be able to find the font with the special characters of your chosen language.

Appearance section is added by WordPress plugin: Citadela PRO. It is not included in Citadela Free WordPress Theme.

Announcements bar

Do you want to bring visitor’s attention to your current special offer? Announcements bar is a perfect tool for this job. It’s a Call To Action panel you can use on your website to highlight important news or other announcements.

Settings for the announcements bar, such as text, button URL, display dates and more, are available in your wp-admin under Citadela PRO.

WordPress Customizer shows you how does your announcements bar look. Moreover, it lets you modify its background and button colors. Clicking the “Customize Colors” button will bring you to WP Customizer, Announcements Bar’s setting directly.

Announcements bar is added by Plugin for WordPress: Citadela PRO. It is not included in Citadela Free WordPress Theme.

Menus created in WordPress customizer

Website navigation menus can be created and customized in WordPress Customizer directly. This is standard WordPress feature, therefore it is available to all WordPress users and it’s included in Citadela Free WordPress theme.

How to add a menu to WordPress website?

To add the menu to your website, follow the 3 simple steps:

1. Navigate to Menus in WordPress customizer and then click the Create New Menu button. Fill in the name of your new menu and choose its location.

2. Add items to the menu:

  • Custom links
  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Categories
  • Tags

3. Tick Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu at the menu options section on the left hand side – if you like.

How to create menu in WordPress Customizer


WordPress Customizer makes working with Widgets very straightforward. After clicking Widgets in WordPress customizer’s menu, you’ll see all available Widget locations, or Widgets Areas to choose from. Depending on your WordPress theme, some pages might have more Widget areas than others.

Adding widget to website

Choose widget area you want to add a widget to, then click Add a Widget. A list of widgets appears next to the WP Customizer main menu.

Each widget has its own additional option, play around and see what suits your needs the best.

Homepage Settings

Depending on the purpose of your website, you can choose between 2 basic homepage settings in WordPress Customizer:

  • Latest Posts
  • Static page
Homepage settings in WP customizer

In default, Latest Posts are perfect for a blog. However, they can be used on any website with dynamic content which is regularly added in a form of blog posts, such as company news, latest events etc.

A static page is more typical for a corporate website with a clear structure and proven sales funnels. You can add any page you want to be displayed on your homepage. Also, you can add more pages or remove them at any time.

Additional CSS in WordPress customizer

Finally, for more advanced users, there is room for additional CSS. You can add your own piece of code to WordPress Customizer, which can alter the appearance of your website.

As you can see, your WordPress website is quite customizable and flexible using WordPress Customizer. Even though we’re still in the early days of Customizer, there’s huge growth potential as well as room for improvement. There are many things you CAN do in Customizer, without any coding knowledge. And certainly, the good reputation of WordPress that says “You can do almost anything in WordPress” is still alive.

30 days money back guarantee