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Save yourself a ton of struggle. Building a new website might be tricky. You’re not sure where to start or which sections to include. Sometimes, getting a generic WordPress theme is not enough. Because it leaves you with nothing but a “tool” for building a website. However, Citadela WordPress theme Layouts give you inspiration. Our layouts will guide you and help you build your website faster and easier.

Memorial WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Memorial

Funeral Services Layout Pack

Sport Club WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Sport Club

Sport Club Layout Pack

Electrician WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Electrician

Electrician Layout Pack

Landing Page WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Landing Page

Landing Page Layout Pack

Craftsman WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Craftsman

Craftsman Layout Pack

Yoga WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Yoga

Yoga Layout Pack

Magazine WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Magazine

Magazine Layout Pack

Church WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Church

Church Layout Pack

Florist WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Florist

Florist Layout Pack

Driving School WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Driving School

Driving School Layout Pack

Band WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Band

Band Layout Pack

Cosmetics Shop WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Cosmetics Shop

WooCommerce Layout Pack

SaaS WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela SaaS

Software Layout Pack

Marketing Agency WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Marketing Agency

Agency Layout Pack

Citadela DirectoryPRO Layout

Portal Layout Pack

Food Delivery WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Food Delivery

WooCommerce Layout Pack

Barber WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Barber

Barber Shop Layout Pack

Travel WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Travel

Directory Layout Pack

Farms WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Farms

Directory WooCommerce Layout Pack

Furniture WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Furniture

WooCommerce Layout Pack

Eco WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Eco

Directory Layout Pack

Photographer WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Photographer

Photographer Layout Pack

Architect website WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Architect

Architect Layout Pack

Restaurant WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Restaurant

Restaurant Layout Pack

Hotel and accommodation WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Hotel

Hotel Layout Pack

Doctor WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Doctor

Doctor Layout Pack

Listing portal WordPress Layout for Citadela theme

Citadela Listing

Portal Layout Pack

Business WordPress Layout for Citadela Theme

Citadela Business

Business Layout Pack

Citadela Free

Free Starter WordPress Theme

Start with free WordPress theme
with responsive layout

Citadela WordPress theme is a free & responsive layout you can start with. It’s perfect for your next website, suitable for the next generation of WordPress, based on WordPress block editor. Fully responsive & highly customizable. It offers you a great choice of WordPress layouts that you can download whenever you’re ready for more.

made by professional designers

Save time and money

With our Citadela WordPress theme layouts, you don’t need to hire a designer to help you make your website look professional. Our designers have already made that for you. Citadela WordPress Layouts are carefully designed to suit your business. All you need is to change the content to present your work. It saves you time and money.

Easily customizable WordPress theme layouts

WordPress theme layouts are easily customizable. Download the layout you like and personalize it to meet your preferences. You can change colors, reorder blocks, add new WordPress blocks, change menu, remove entire pages, create new pages… It’s all up to your imagination.

Everything you need is pre-configured

Citadela layout will get you started. Customizer & WordPress block editor are already configured to the layout you need. Installing WordPress Theme is a simple task. Creating content, on the other hand, is quite challenging. Therefore we’ve prepared unique layouts, tailor made for each business. They contain everything that needs to be presented on your website. It’s like having a table of content at hand. There’s no need to fumble in uncertainty. All the necessary sections have been outlined for you. All that’s left to do is to write content describing your project or business. It’s like you’re halfway there on the journey towards your perfect website. 

Pre-built website template for your convenience

See upfront how your website will look. The WordPress layout template will show you the appearance of your future website so you know what you’re getting into. We create layouts to include all the necessary sections for the specific business. Everything needed is pre-set. Colors, fonts, sections distribution. All subpages are already created. The entire layout, including images, is available to you. Images can even be used for free for commercial websites. With Citadela layouts, you’ll create websites much faster.


One click will get your website almost ready to launch. Your web design is ready. Add your content and hit the publish button.

All inclusive WordPress template pack

When you choose Citadela layout, you get the entire WordPress template pack filled with features, WP blocks and functionalities. Everything you need is included. It’s a pre-designed WordPress website that’s easy to finalize by yourself.

Choose the best WordPress theme layout

Suitable for your individual needs & preferences

Citadela Memorial

This sincere and peaceful layout is the right choice for websites offering burial and funeral services. Ready to present anything a funeral home may offer. From funeral planning to selling products, thanks to WooCommerce being supported out of the box. You can also list recent obituaries via our Citadela Listing plugin with ease, which already includes respectful examples ready for use.

Suitable for websites…

  • Funeral home
  • Crematory
  • Cemetery

Citadela Sport Club

Layout built exclusively for sport clubs, sport teams and local sport leagues. Great to share your success and sport results online. Inform about your upcoming matches. Present your team and history of the club. But first and foremost, attract more fans or gain new members. It’s easy to achieve all of it with a modern layout like this one.

Suitable for websites…

  • Sport club
  • Sport team
  • Local sport league

Citadela Electrician

The best choice for electrician or electricity services business. Present yourself and your expertise in the best light, with a room for your process, values and services you offer. Showcase your projects as a portfolio with filters of your choice and put them on a map for even greater impact. Impress your customers and connect with them easily.

Suitable for websites…

  • Electrician
  • Energy sector
  • Construction business

Citadela Landing Page

Perfect layout for those who need a quick landing page with only the bare necessities, but with a clear call to action and still well presented. Amaze your visitors with a video in the background. Share your social links, word or two about yourself or your business and your contact details. Simple and clean. That really might be all you have needed.

Suitable for websites…

  • Small business
  • Personal
  • Coming soon page

Citadela Craftsman

Craftsman layout is ideal for artisans or small businesses focused especially on woodworking or carpentry. List your skills and showcase your handcrafted projects. You can even sell your creations right on your website, thanks to included support for WooCommerce. Let your customers to contact you easily or navigate them to your workshop, thanks to our Citadela Directory plugin.

Suitable for websites…

  • Craftsman
  • Artisan
  • Carpenter
  • Woodworker

Citadela Yoga

This fresh and relaxing layout is a perfect match for yoga websites. Present your studio and membership features in a calm tone matching your values. Showcase your courses and attract more visitors, thanks to our Citadela Directory plugin. All of this and more in a one refreshing package.

Suitable for websites…

  • Yoga center
  • Pilates studio
  • Exercise instructor
  • Wellness enthusiast

Citadela Magazine

Magazine layout offers you a modern and fresh home for your articles, where focus is purely on the content. Make your website more interesting to your readers by also putting your posts on a map! Thanks to our Citadela Directory feature it is easy to do so by adding a location to the blogposts. As in example, great for travel related topics. Nonetheless, result can be a very unique website.

Suitable for websites…

  • Magazine
  • News
  • Blog

Citadela Church

Give your church a representative online presence. Reach your visitors without distraction and serve them all crucial information such as sermons schedule or happenings involving the church. Offer your service to those in need and make your church more accessible thanks to our Citadela Directory plugin.

Suitable for websites…

  • Church
  • Religious organizations
  • Non-profit

Citadela Florist

Layout with the focus on your floral creations is a perfect match for you whether you are a shop owner, or just taking orders online. With WooCommerce you are ready to sell and accept payments right on your website. Citadela Directory will help to navigate your customers to your shop. Simply, provides everything to get your bouquets to more customers.

Suitable for websites…

  • Florist
  • Flower arranger
  • Flower shop

Citadela Driving School

Modern driving school deserves a modern website. This layout offers professional presentation for your driving instructors. Show their or your school’s location on a map thanks to our Citadela Directory plugin. And optionally, charge your customers for lessons online with a help of WooCommerce plugin, supported out of the box.

Suitable for websites…

  • Driving school
  • Instructors directory
  • Auto-moto website

Citadela Band

Ideal landing page for a band should include a place to promote your latest release and feature all your social profiles and streaming services together. Citadela WordPress theme with Blocks editor allows it all. And if you want your visitors to keep track of all your upcoming and past concerts, Citadela Directory plugin has got your back too.

Suitable for websites…

  • Band
  • Musician
  • Music composer

Citadela Cosmetics Shop

As the title suggests, this layout is tailor-made for shops selling cosmetics or any other beauty products with matching delicate design. Citadela uses WooCommerce for the online shop part. But if you sell your products in stores too, you can easily showcase them thanks to our Citadela Directory plugin. Never loose a customer who prefers shopping in person to online and vice-versa!

Suitable for websites…

  • E-commerce solution
  • Online store
  • Beauty products

Citadela SaaS

Whether your product is a web application or more traditional software, you should give it a powerful presentation. SaaS stands for Software as a Service. And Citadela stands for powerful theme with endless possibilities. So present your service with real impact.

Suitable for websites…

  • Software as a Service
  • Web app
  • Traditional software
  • Developers

Citadela Marketing Agency layout pack

Like any marketing campaign has to catch people’s attention to be successful, your own web presentation should be eye-catching as well. This layout welcomes engaging headlines and puts your success to the first place. Marketing Agency WordPress layout presents your services like in a spotlight.

Suitable for websites…

  • Marketing / advertising agency
  • Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Creative individuals
  • Portfolio

Citadela DirectoryPRO layout pack

DirectoryPRO WordPress theme is a predecessor of Citadela Theme & Citadela Directory Plugin. As favored by many, this layout brings its style to Citadela, in a form of the powerful and versatile WordPress blocks editor. With all essential and ever-increasing number of listing features such as maps, items, taxonomies and special pages.

Suitable for websites…

  • Directories
  • Services
  • Food & travel
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Multi-location businesses

Citadela Food Delivery layout pack

Push your food oriented business further with delivery or takeout option as the main selling point of your website. All with the use of the best e-commerce solution WooCommerce. Or make use of included more traditional presentation, in case you offer delivery by only 3rd-party services or don’t do delivery at all. Showcase your network of restaurants or catering services easily via listing functionality.

Suitable for websites…

  • E-commerce solution
  • Online store
  • Restaurant
  • Fast food
  • Bistro
  • Catering

Citadela Barber layout pack

Present your craftsmanship in style. Barber website layout pack is the best and easiest solution for you. Unique one page presentation with impressive images. Do not forget that Citadela is the most robust solution for your website. You can turn on online shop or listing functionality any time you want in the future.

Suitable for websites…

  • Barber
  • Hair stylist
  • Hairdresser
  • Cafe

Citadela Travel layout pack

Travel layout has absolutely unique features that will allow you to create modern portal for your local area. Show GPX tracks on the map together with other points of interest (POI) and create complete guide for your visitors. GPX tracks can be used for cycle tracks, hiking tracks or anything that you imagine.

Suitable for websites…

  • City portal
  • Country portal
  • Tourist guide
  • Cycling paths
  • Hospitality sector
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Hobby

Citadela Farms layout pack

Elementor WordPress theme layout pack for Farms is just a showcase of what is possible with Citadela in combination with Elementor page builder. Farms layout pack combines our own Citadela Directory plugin, fantastic Elementor page builder and best e-commerce solution WooCommerce. Just import the layout pack to Citadela and your website will look exactly the same in seconds.

Suitable for websites…

  • Online store
  • Listing portal
  • Directory website
  • E-commerce solution
  • Food blog
  • Food portal

Citadela Furniture layout pack

Citadela theme is fully compatible with the best ecommerce solution – WooCommerce. We made Furnitures layout pack to show you how easy it is to create your own shop. With Citadela you can combine everything that WordPress offers – 3rd party plugins with our own genuine Citadela plugins such as Citadela Directory to include listing features on your shop.

Suitable for websites…

  • E-commerce shop
  • Online store

Citadela Eco layout pack

Eco directory layout pack is a special WordPress theme layout that you can use as a starter kit for your new listing project. It is nicely designed for eco oriented websites. It uses all new features of our Citadela Directory plugin to give your visitors the best possible information.

Suitable for websites…

  • Green
  • Eco-friendly
  • Nature
  • Listing portal
  • Directory website
  • Environmental

Citadela Photographer layout pack

Our Photographer WordPress layout has a unique layout. It uses dark background to give your website very special look and feel. Have you traveled to get unique pictures? Show it on the map with new blog posts on map feature. Your possibilities are endless.

Suitable for websites…

  • Photographer
  • Actor
  • Model
  • Artist
  • Travel blogger
  • Travel photographer
  • Cameraman

Citadela Architect layout pack

Architect WordPress layout kit will help you start your WordPress website in no time. It is built in user friendly & intuitive WordPress editor. Design of Architect layout is airy and light, allows you to present your own work. Layout also uses directory listing functionality.

Suitable for websites…

  • Architect
  • Builder
  • Planner
  • Consultant
  • Craftsman
  • Housebuilder
  • Real estate investor

Citadela Restaurant layout pack

Restaurant WordPress theme layout pack made in Elementor page builder is a perfect starter kit for your food or catering website. It combines best of both world – WordPress editor and extremely universal Elementor page builder and it’s blocks. Have a look at the demo to see what’s possible with Citadela.

Suitable for websites…

  • Restaurant
  • Cafe
  • Food truck
  • Fast food
  • Bistro

Citadela Hotel layout pack

Specially designed WordPress theme layout for hotels, guesthouses or hospitality sector in general. Layout incorporates listing map to show interesting places for potential visitors and customers. Layout is 100% made in WordPress editor, it’s fresh, fast and lightweight.

Suitable for websites…

  • Hotel
  • Guesthouse
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Apartment
  • Motel
  • Lodge
  • Pension
Doctor layout pack for WordPress Citadela theme

Citadela Doctor layout pack

WordPress template for healthcare. Thoroughly tailored for presenting healthcare facilities or medical professionals. Images are included in the layout pack and can be used on your website. Citadela Doctor layout will help you promote your health services decently and professionally.

Suitable for websites…

  • Hospitals
  • Medical professionals
  • Doctors
  • Health centers
  • Pharmacies & Laboratories
  • Hospice services
Listing layout pack for WordPress Citadela theme

Citadela Listing layout pack

Eye catching map at the top, search form and listed items. Or do you prefer classic header layout for homepage and want to show the map elsewhere on your site? Citadela Listing Layout pack includes WordPress template with map, items and special pages.

Suitable for websites…

  • Services
  • Food & travel
  • Directories
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Multi-location businesses

Citadela Business layout pack

WordPress theme layout suitable for classic business websites. Impress your web visitors and give them a reason to stay with you. Citadela Service block smartly used on your homepage gives you the opportunity to present your unique selling points to the potential customers.

Suitable for websites…

  • Business
  • Professionals
  • Blogs
  • Non-profit
  • Community
  • Organizations