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Who is behind WordPress

WordPress is the Future

Why to love WordPress?

  • Around 64 million websites run on WordPress
  • WordPress is available in 57 languages
  • Thousands of developers and designers work on WordPress everyday

WordPress is a strong foundation & framework for your website

Matt Mullenweg
  • Create your own website by yourself
  • Fully adaptive to screen of any size
  • Design & functionality is fluid and easy to use
  • Direct manipulation of content
  • Prebuilt layouts
  • Reuse blocks across the entire website
  • WordPress installation takes 5 minutes

We’re Ait-Themes team


10 years on WordPress market

We’ve create

Dozens of successfull WordPress themes and premium WordPress plugins

Our Journey

WordPress was born

Group of enthusiastic developers and designers met & founded Ait-Themes

Our very first Ait Theme was finished & placed on WordPress market

First generation of Ait themes included:

  • 8 basic WordPress themes
  • 29 WPML ready WordPress themes (also known as our Framework 1 themes)

Release of our epic Directory theme

Special milestones :

  • Introduction of new concept of catalogue & business directory websites based on WordPres
  • Launch of our Page Builder & production of multi language themes marked as Framework2

Since 2013 we’ve created :

  • 28 Translated & Multilingual themes
  • 5 unique Directory themes

Release of Citadela WordPress theme & plugins

Embrace the future and discover the beauty of Citadela WP theme